About us ...

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  • The activities of the company is to distribute (sell) a wide array of home furnishings.

  • We offer a very attractive decorative fabrics, curtains, drapes, short-curtains, lace, tape for curtains and draperies, finished goods, bedding, towels, curtains and furnishings also accessories such as curtain rods, brackets, hangers and accessories for curtains and draperies.

  • Our goods come from the industry's leading producers and increases the attractiveness of offers selective import the best products from leading manufacturers from around the world.

  • Turnover must guarantee the attractiveness of our prices.

  • Arespol company has years of experience and well trained staff is a guarantee of successful and attractive affordable contracts.

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  • Wholesale and our warehouses are readily available at all of our customers or wholesale stores and other wholesalers in the country and abroad.

  • For individual clients we showroom with full range of products currently being marketed.

  • We are also a shop where the client chooses the finished products and also made an application for measuring individual order.